Chipshow showcases stunning visual solutions at 2017 NAB Show

2017.04.23 chipshow

2017 NAB Show is hot in progress from 24th -27th April in Las Vegas, NV, USA. This is known as the media field benchmarks, attracting more than 100,000 people from all over the world to participate in the audience, bringing together the world's top manufacturers of radio and television equipment and suppliers. The entire exhibition site is very exciting.


chipshow exhibition.jpg

Overview of exhibition stands  ---Chipshow Booth C1453

In recent years, LED display in the field of radio and television applications continue to increase, and even has become a part of the field of radio and television, which benefited from the LED display exquisite display, which is Chipshow for the third consecutive year to participate in this Exhibition.

1. Ultra-fine pixel 1.58mm indoor led display in NAB Show.

In the United States NAB show, the venue of the leopard P1.58 ultra-fine pixel led screen simulation display delicate and natural, display clear, vivid, excellent display has been praised by customers. It’s a best solution for security-monitoring, high-end conference, Radio and TV, etc.

Ultra-fine pixel 1.58mm indoor led display in NAB Show.png

Ultra-fine pixel 1.58mm indoor led display in NAB Show-2.png

Ultra-fine pixel 1.58mm led display is showing security-monitoring

2.Newest 6H Ultra-Fine Pixel LED Display---Replacement of LCD

lower than 5PPM with supporting for 3 years of continuous use; little light decay <10%; Using same led chip with the same brightness and same wavelengh so that different batches of led screen can be mixed; High Refresh Rate reaches to 7200HZ with solutions of Single;

Ultrathin Design---the cabinet thickness is 40mm, and it will be less than 50mm after a screen be installed. No wires in cabinet inside or outside.

Newest 6H Ultra-Fine Pixel LED Display.png

3. P3.91 indoor Rental LED Display.

Leasing customers from North America are very satisfied with the NET Series Rental led screen that have received the Germany IF Design Award from Chipshow. Follow-up orders are under negotiation. "Can be both front and rear maintenance, the industry's longest handle, modular design, one second replacement parts, this design is great!" P3.91, P4.81 and P5.95 indoor or outdoor are available.

P3.91 indoor Rental LED Display.png

P3.91 indoor Rental LED Display-1.png

4. Transparency LED Display in NAB Show

 At the same time with the show is the latest development of Chipshow transparent screen P3.91 products, can not affect the line of sight under the conditions of the screen, is the future of the main glass curtain wall products.

---It’s Chipshow New revolution Products especially for shopping mall mirror led wall. This is the third time to present itself on professional led display trade fair after ISLE and Prolight+Sound. P3.91/P8/P10 transparent led display are on hot sale now.

Transparency LED Display in NAB Show.png

Transparency LED Display in NAB Show-2.png

many customers was attracted by Chipshow transparent screen

Leopard P1.58, transparent screen P3.91, NET series indoor and outdoor general P3.91, ultra-high-definition TV products. Its performance excellence, by the customer favorite. At the exhibition site, foreign customers are very interested in Chipshow products, in the field with our overseas sales and senior engineers in-depth exchanges.


2017 NAB Show Exhibition time:  from 24th -27th April in Las Vegas  Convention and Exhibition Center, NV, USA . The exhibition site will have more exciting, welcome to visit the Chipshow Booth C1453 and we will bring you different surprises.


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